Aims and Objectives

JIST is peer-reviewed to safeguard the scientific merit and toxicological significance of its diverse content. It is an official publication of Indian Society of Toxicology (IST) since the year 2005. The main aim of JIST is to publish time bound, reviewed, quality research works in the field of toxicology disseminating research findings thereof. The primary objectives of JIST are as follows – 

1. To provide a publication hub for research work from all branches of Toxicology. 

2. To elevate the standards of the practice of toxicology through publications with latest updates in the field of toxicology. 

3. The aim of JIST is to increase the visibility and impact of published work. It increases convenience, reach, and retrieval power of the published research works through its broad field of readers across the world. 

4. To encourage and maintain research ethics across all branches of toxicology through JIST. 

5. To represent internationally the research works carried out in Toxicology in India. 

6. To advise the Governments (Central/State/Union Territory), administrations and other governmental bodies on matters pertaining to Toxicology in India. 

7. To organize and arrange meetings and symposia on Toxicology and allied subjects. 

8. To serve and administer funds, grants, endowments, etc., for the furtherance of research in Toxicology.

9. To generally do all such things as may widen, improve and develop the education and knowledge of those actively concerned in the pursuit of the subject of Toxicology. 

10. JIST has been remaining abreast with up-to-date research information and latest advances in the field of toxicology, since 2005.